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Countywide Action Plan (CAP)

About the Program

The 2021 Countywide Action Plan was developed by the Montour County Conservation District. This plan highlights best management practices that are aimed at reducing nutrients in local waterways. This plan is a living document and is going to be implemented until 2025. 


Montour County Reduction Goals:

Nitrogen- Reduce 486,000 pounds by 2025.

Phosphorus- Reduce 5,000 pounds by 2025.

Overview of Plan:

  • State Programmatic Recommendations

  • Agriculture

    • Priority Initiative 1- Planning, Manure Management, and Fertilizer Applications.

    • Priority Initiative 2-Soil Health and Cover Crops

    • Priority Initiative 3-Buffers

    • Priority Initiative 4-Reporting and Tracking Results

    • Priority Initiative 5-Agland Preservation and Cropland Retirement

  • Stormwater Management

    • Priority Initiative 1- Stream Restoration

    • Priority Initiative 2- Flooding, Wetlands, and Infiltration Basins

    • Priority Initiative 3-BMPs in Developed Urban Areas

  • Partnerships

    • Priority Initiative 1- Partners


View the full Montour Countywide Action Plan here.

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